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Veterans Judicial Review Advocates

Reviewing Your Case

If your veterans disability claim is appealed, you need a guide through the judicial review process. At The Rep For Vets®, our claims agents focus on helping veterans obtain their disability benefits. They believe that former members of the armed forces deserve all the help they can get, because they helped us by serving their country.

Our claims agents serve veterans nationwide. Because they focus on helping veterans obtain disability benefits, they have the knowledge and experience to cut through red tape as well as the legal resources to help you through the judicial review process. They won't give up on your case.

About the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims

Congress established the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims to provide an independent review of the Board of Veterans Appeals decisions. The court reviews decisions involving disability benefits, education benefits, survivors benefits and other VA determinations. However, this court is not part of the Department of Veterans Affairs; rather, it is part of the federal judicial system and completely separate from the VA.

Our claims agents are thoroughly familiar with the processes and deadlines followed by this court. They understand how to file an appeal, how the court determines deadlines, how briefs must be drafted, and when to request oral argument.

Learn More About the VA Judicial Review Process

Call 888-573-7838 from anywhere in the United States for a free initial consultation to learn about our veterans judicial review claims agents, or simply use the online contact form.

The Rep for Vets is not affiliated with or funded by the Department of Veterans Affairs.
The VA works for the government. The Rep for Vets works for you.
Thank you for your service!