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Posts tagged "military sexual trauma"

Proposed Changes in Veterans Disability Benefits Requirements for MST Claims

In 2012, 52,823 women and 32,651 men sought outpatient treatment for physical or mental health problems related to military sexual trauma (MST). A documentary last year, The Invisible War, and an apparent increase in the number of sexual assaults reported this year, have focused attention once again on the issue of rape in the military.

Veterans Disability Benefits for Female Vets Present Challenges

This is not your father's military or VA. More and more women serve, and as a result they represent a growing percentage of veterans. Today, 14 percent of active duty forces are women. In 1950, only two percent were female. In part because of the growth in the number of female veterans, more attention is being paid to the problems faced by these vets, especially those with service-connected injuries and illnesses who seek veterans disability benefits from the VA.