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New Law Would Expand Agent Orange Presumptive List, Extending Benefits to Vietnam Veterans

Update: With the passage of the 2021 National Defense Reauthorization Act, Congress approved adding the three new medical conditions discussed below to the Agent Orange presumptive list. Thousands of Vietnam veterans who have suffered from bladder cancer, hypothyroidism, hypertension, and Parkinson’s-like symptoms related to Agent Orange exposure could soon be fast-tracked for benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs, thanks to a new law. The Fair Care for Vietnam Veterans Act of 2020, passed by an overwhelming majority in the Senate in late July, acknowledged the large body of scientific evidence suggesting that these diseases are associated with Agent Orange,...

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How Can I Get a 100% VA Disability Rating for PTSD?

With Mental Illness Awareness Week upon us and World Mental Health Day coming up on October 10, we thought we'd shed some light on PTSD and the VA disability benefits system. First known as “shell shock” or “operational fatigue”, our society has come a long way in understanding the full impact of what is now known as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, a mental health condition affecting the lives of millions of veterans. The 1983 National Vietnam Veterans Readjustment Study, the first long-term study of its kind, found that some 30% of Vietnam veterans had symptoms of PTSD within eight years of the...

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Am I Eligible for Service-Connected Disability Compensation?

VA-Accredited Claims Agents Helping You Understand Your Eligibility Many people wonder whether or not they may be eligible for veterans disability benefits. You don't have to wonder anymore. Our VA-accredited claims agents can help you understand whether or not you may be eligible for service-connected disability compensation. At The Rep For Vets, our claims agents serve veterans nationwide and are dedicated to helping military veterans get the benefits they deserve. If you have questions about your benefits, complete the online contact form for a free consultation. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has two disability programs: Service-Connected Disability Compensation and Non-Service-connected Disability Pension....

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VA Resumes In-Person C&P Exams In Most of the Country

Update: As of October 2, 2020, in-person C&P exams are now available for scheduling throughout the country, but not all service areas are authorized to schedule exams that may require the removal of personal protective equipment (PPE). If your condition requires that you remove your mask or other PPE during the examination, enter your zip code in the interactive map here to see if it's permitted in your service area. Need help navigating these changes? Not sure what to expect at your C&P exam? Don't hesitate to contact an attorney or VA-certified claims agents at the Rep for Vets today for...

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Appealing a VA Decision

Was your veterans disability compensation award simply too small? Were you denied benefits that you deserve? If you are thinking of filing an appeal, talk to one of our VA-accredited claims agents. At The Rep For Vets, a VA-accredited claims agent can guide you through the appeals process to help you get the successful results you deserve. If you have received too few benefits or if your benefits have been denied, you have options through the appeals process. Veterans have the right to appeal decisions made by the VA. In fact, appealing VA decisions is often just part of the process. Examples of Appeals...

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What Are the Requirements for Veterans Disability Compensation?

Claims Agents with In-Depth Knowledge of Eligibility for VA Benefits Veterans of the United States armed forces may be eligible for many different programs and services provided by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, but you must meet certain requirements first. To learn what those requirements are and how they may apply to you, contact our VA-accredited claims agents at (888) 573-7838 for a free initial consultation. At The Rep For Vets, our claims agents have in-depth knowledge of these requirements. We understand the laws and the appeals process to take care of things for you so that you get the benefits...

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How We Help You Through the Claims Process

Our Claims Agents Promise to Serve You as Honorably as You Served Your Country Government benefits for military veterans have been around since Abraham Lincoln was president, but veterans still encounter problems getting the VA benefits they deserve. The government system can be complicated. It's full of red tape, and the wait times often seem too long for people who are struggling to make ends meet. At The Rep For Vets®, our VA-accredited claims agents help veterans beat the red tape. You see, our claims agents don't like to see vets get pushed around. We refuse to forget what you've given to...

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Can I Collect VA Disability Benefits and SSD?

You May Be Eligible to Collect Additional Disability Benefits Disabled veterans often have more options than they think. Besides veterans disability compensation, you may also be eligible for Social Security Disability benefits. It's important to keep an open mind. Sometimes a government program you never considered provides the additional support you and your family need. One of the advantages of working with the VA-accredited claims agents at The Rep For Vets® is that they always keep an eye out for a veteran's best interests. When a claims agent handles your claim, you can be sure that all the angels are covered. What...

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What Are VA Benefits, and How Do I Get Them?

Veterans who served in the active military and received an honorable or general discharge are entitled to monthly, non-taxable benefits if they are disabled in the service of their country. Sometimes these benefits are called "service-connected benefits" and sometimes they're called "disability compensation." The disabilities can range from orthopedic injuries to hearing problems, arthritis and cancer. The amount of compensation depends on a few different things, like the type of disability and the number of dependents (your children or spouse) in your family. There is a very broad range of possibilities. If you are a vet with a 100 percent service-related...

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Understanding the Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act of 2019

Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act of 2019

Photo by © Tim Page/CORBIS/Corbis via Getty Images On January 29, 2019, the Federal Circuit Court decided that when Congress passed 38 U.S.C. section 1116 they intended for “Republic of Vietnam” to include “the 12 nautical mile territorial sea of the ‘Republic of Vietnam’.” In doing so Court expressly rejected the VA’s “boots on ground requirement.” This means that tens of thousands of veterans are now entitled to the presumption of exposure of herbicides. If you feel that your case falls into this category, I urge you to call us immediately. Veterans serving in the Vietnam era experienced one of toughest battles...

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