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Can I Collect VA Disability Benefits and SSD?

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Can I Collect VA Disability Benefits and SSD?

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You May Be Eligible to Collect Additional Disability Benefits

Disabled veterans often have more options than they think. Besides veterans disability compensation, you may also be eligible for Social Security Disability benefits. It’s important to keep an open mind. Sometimes a government program you never considered provides the additional support you and your family need.

One of the advantages of working with the VA-accredited claims agents at The Rep For Vets® is that they always keep an eye out for a veteran’s best interests. When a claims agent handles your claim, you can be sure that all the angels are covered. What options are available to you? What resources can help make your life better?

While our claims agents do not handle Social Security Disability claims, there are many situations in which our clients may be able to collect SSD benefits in addition to veterans disability benefits. Our claims agents may encourage you to pursue that option to maximize your payments.


Veterans should be aware that they can collect both service-connected disability benefits and Social Security Disability benefits (SSD) in full at the same time without any reduction.

You Deserve Help After Your Service

You dedicated your life to helping your country. Let our claims agents help you receive the benefits to which you are entitled. They are dedicated to helping you achieve the best possible results in your claim for veterans disability compensation.

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Although some disabled vets consult lawyers, your best choice may be to work with VA-accredited claims agents such as those at The Rep For Vets®. Call 888-573-7838 for a free initial consultation, or simply complete this online contact form. From New York to Florida to Alaska — no matter where you live — our claims agents have the help you need with your veterans benefits claim.

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