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Getting Started with the VA Claims Process

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Not sure where to begin your VA claims process?

The first thing is to file a disability claim. In most cases you can file a disability claim online using VA Form 21-526EZ. Learn more here. A VSO can also assist you at this stage.

If you’ve already filed a claim and disagree with the VA’s decision you have the right to appeal, and we can help. Just fill out our free evaluation form to talk more about your case with one of our VA-accredited claims agents.

If you are already receiving VA disability benefits but your condition has gotten worse, or you feel your rating is too low, a VA-accredited claims agent at the Rep for Vets can also assist you in obtaining the maximum benefits possible.

Below you will information we have put together to help you understand the VA disability claims process, what benefits you may be entitled to, how disability compensation works, and why the experienced claims agents at the Rep for Vets are your best option for securing the benefits you deserve.

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