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Disability Compensation Tables for Veterans

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The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) calculates monthly disability benefits according to the criteria laid out in its disability compensation rate tables. The tables are comprehensive and are based on VA-assigned disability ratings.

It is important to have the correct disability rating assigned; a disability that is too low can reduce your benefit significantly. For example, a veteran whose disability rating is 30 percent will receive less than half of the benefit amount received by a veteran with a 50 percent disability rating. Before working with the tables, it’s important to know your disability rating.

At The Rep For Vets, our VA-accredited claims agents help veterans understand the veterans disability compensation tables. They have the experience and knowledge to help veterans throughout the United States obtain the full benefits they deserve after serving their country.

Factors Used in the Disability Compensation Tables

Veterans with a combined disability compensation rating of at least 30 percent are eligible for additional allowances for dependents, including:

  • A spouse, including an additional benefit if the spouse is disabled and in need of Aid and Attendance (A & A)
  • Dependent parents
  • Minor children
  • Children between the ages of 18 and 23 who are attending school
  • Children who are permanently incapable of self-support because of a disability arising before age 18

Depending on these factors and your disability rating, you could expect to receive up to several thousand dollars in monthly disability compensation benefits. Each vet’s case is different, and our claims agents are proud to help them get all the benefits they are entitled to.

When working with veterans wondering how to interpret the rate tables, our claims agents stress the importance of describing your dependents correctly. For example, do your parents live with you or are you supporting them? Are your children over the age of 18 but in college? Receiving additional compensation for parents and/or children requires you to document everything carefully.

Learn More About VA Compensation Rate Tables

Many disabled veterans consult a lawyer or claims agent for help with a VA disability claim, but a VA-accredited claims agent is almost certainly your best option. Call 888-573-7838 from anywhere in the United States for a free initial consultation, or simply use the online contact form for information about the disability compensation rate tables. We are headquartered in Tampa, Florida, and serve clients throughout the United States.

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