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Muscle Disorders

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Muscle disorders can keep you from doing both the things you need to do and the things you want to do. They can keep you from supporting your family, as well as spending time with them. They can keep you out of the things you once enjoyed.

But this shouldn’t be the case. At The Rep For Vets, our highly qualified VA-accredited claims agents represent veterans with injuries and disabilities affecting the muscles. They help people throughout the United States, offering effective advocacy regardless of the health problems involved:

  • Injuries to multiple muscle groups: For rating purposes the U.S. government divides the body into 23 muscle groups in five different regions of the body. It assigns injured veterans a rating based on which muscles and body areas have been affected.
  • Muscle disabilities, including muscular dystrophy: When the government evaluates muscle disabilities, it looks at loss of power, weakness, fatigue, pain, impairment of coordination and uncertainty of movement. A claims agent can help you succeed on your VA disability compensation claims by making a thorough record of the symptoms you experience.
  • Arthritis due to strain: Disabling arthritis can sometimes be considered a service-related disability when the arthritis occurs in places subject to direct strain or injury. To learn more about arthritis pain, please see the arthritis page on the topic.
  • Painful motion: Painful motion is an important factor the government considers when looking at your disability. Muscle spasms as well as painful joints, muscle atrophy and range of motion are all factors that go into a determination of your disability compensation amount.

At The Rep For Vets, our VA-accredited claims agents have an in-depth knowledge of the laws and policies the government uses to evaluate your veterans disability compensation claim. They also have the medical knowledge needed to prepare a successful claim for veterans with muscle disorders.

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Many disabled veterans consult lawyers or advocates for assistance. Let our VA-accredited claims agents get you the benefits to which you are entitled. Call (888) 573-7838 for a free initial consultation, or complete the online contact form. No matter where you are — from Alaska to New York to Florida — our claims agents can help.

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