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Increasing Your VA Disability Rating

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When our country called, you answered. You served with honor. Preserved our freedom. Protected your family. You paid a high price, and you’re still paying it today.

When you came home you didn’t get treated the way you deserved. Even today, getting what you’ve earned has turned into another battle, and it’s a battle you shouldn’t have to fight alone.

We will do battle to see to it that you get both the money and the benefits you deserve. It doesn’t matter if your service-related disability is physical or mental, and it doesn’t matter where you live. We fight for the people who answered with honor and bravery when our country called. Welcome to the Rep for Vets.

If you can’t work, or you disability has worsened, you could be getting a higher disability rating.

Our VA-accredited claims agents and veteran intake specialists use their inside knowledge to spot common errors made by the VA and help you obtain the maximum benefits possible. Just complete the free evaluation form below to get started.

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Did Your Disability Worsen?

If you are already receiving compensation for a service-connected disability, remember that you can always pursue a claim to increase your rating percentage if your disability worsens. This is especially true if you are no longer able to work as a result of your service-connected disability.

Appealing an Unfavorable VA Decison

We can walk you through the types of medical evidence you need to win your denied claim and obtain the benefits you deserve. If you believe your disability rating is simply too low, fill out the form for a free consultation. We can also help with denied secondary service connection claims and individual unemployability claims

Do you need help or advice? Contact us now.

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