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Serving Military Veterans With Diabetes

If you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes, you are probably very familiar with the serious impact it can have on your life. More than affecting the things you do today — from limiting strenuous activities to requiring insulin and a restricted diet — it can severely limit your future options. As the disease progresses, it may contribute to heart attacks, stroke, peripheral neuropathy, peripheral vascular disease and vision problems.

Military veterans whose lives are impacted by diabetes should know that they may be able to get support. The government offers veterans disability compensation for diabetes that was caused by military service or made worse during their time in the military.

Representing Veterans Nationwide

At the nationwide offices of The Rep For Vets, our VA-accredited claims agents represent military veterans throughout the United States with Diabetes Mellitus, as well as other endocrine system problems, like hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism.

From New York to Florida to Alaska, our claims agents fight for veterans across America. They help vets get disability benefits so critical after a diabetes diagnosis. They know how much diabetes can change your life, so they are dedicated to helping you get the resources you need.

If you are a Vietnam veteran, you should know that the VA lists Diabetes Mellitus II (DMII) as a presumptive condition that is associated with exposure to herbicides like Agent Orange. What does this mean? If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, contacting one of our VA-accredited claims agents can help get you the veterans disability compensation you need.

Take Action After a Diabetes Diagnosis

Many veterans with disabilities or illnesses such as diabetes turn to lawyers or claims agents for assistance. Our VA-accredited claims agents help veterans who are unhappy with the initial decisions they received from the VA. If you have received your decision, call to talk about your options and determine whether a claims agent can help with your appeal.

Take action after a diabetes diagnosis. Let our VA-accredited claims agents get you the benefits to which you are entitled. Call our nationwide offices at 888-573-7838 for a free initial consultation or simply use the online contact form.


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