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Veterans Health Care Benefits

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Helping Vets Obtain Health Care Benefits

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) administers health care programs for eligible veterans. Unfortunately, the VA does not have the resources to provide health care to every veteran, so veterans are classified in priority groups according to their health needs, income and service history.

Veterans are sometimes incorrectly classified and are denied health benefits or are required to make co-pays that they can ill afford.

The Rep For Vets

That’s where we come in. We are The Rep For Vets, a national advocacy firm focused on helping disabled veterans obtain the benefits they need and deserve after serving their country. We are not a law firm, but an organization of disability professionals based in Tampa, Florida. From there, we serve veterans across the United States from New York to California. You do not need to visit an office, as we do much of our work over the phone and via e-mail.

How We Can Help

Determining your priority in the VA medical system can be complex. Having a 50 percent VA disability rating qualifies you for first priority services. However, veterans from current wars such as Operation Iraqi Freedom or Operation Enduring Freedom with no service-rated disabilities are in priority group 6. Veterans with no service-connected disability and an income above the threshold are in priority group 8 and usually cannot enroll in a VA health plan.

Our veterans health care claims agents will walk you through the process, making sure that your application for health care benefits contains all needed information and evidence to document your disability and support your benefit claim.

Many of our clients are also applying for disability and other veterans benefits. We will work on all your applications efficiently so that you will experience the least delay possible. If you think you were placed in the wrong priority group or that your disability rating is incorrect, we can help.

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