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VA Disability Claim Denied

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Learn How a Claims Agent Can Help After a Claim Denial

Claim denied! Millions of veterans have received this response to their claims for VA disability benefits. If you are one of them, don’t give up. You may have more options than you think.

One of the best options is to turn your troubles over to a VA-accredited claims agent from The Rep For Vets®. Claims agents are dedicated to representing veterans in the struggle to obtain VA disability benefits. They know just how challenging the veterans disability process can be for clients, so they take care of everything for you. They pick you up when the VA lets you down.

As you’ve undoubtedly realized by now, the VA claims process can take a long time and can often end in disappointment. Because the Department of Veterans Affairs focuses on getting decisions out to veterans as quickly as possible, they often make mistakes. Sometimes denials are based on insufficient medical evidence. Sometimes claims are erroneously denied when they should have been approved.

At The Rep For Vets, our claims agents are aware of the most common errors made by rating specialists at the VA regional offices. When filing an appeal, our claims agents look for these errors.

The benefits of filing an appeal

If your initial application has been denied, it is better to file an appeal rather than a new application. When you file a new application, you lose out on retroactive benefits to which you may be entitled. Instead of getting benefits that could date back to the start of the process, you may only receive benefits dating back to the filing of the second application.

Don’t Give Up When Your VA Claim is Denied

Our claims agents have a simple message for you: Please do not give up on your claims for benefits. Many claims are denied for the wrong reasons, and giving up the fight too soon may mean that you and your family lose out on compensation you deserve. At The Rep For Vets, our claims agents will continue the fight for you.

Were you denied your claim for service connection? Was your recent VA disability compensation award simply not enough? Many veterans in such situations consult attorneys or advocates, but the VA-accredited claims agents at The Rep for Vets may be your best option. Let them help you receive the benefits to which you are entitled. Call (888) 573-7838 a free initial consultation. You can also complete the online contact form to talk about a denied claim.

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