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The Rep For Vets is not a charity, a law firm or a non-profit organization. We are a national disability advocacy firm employing VA-accredited claims agents and attorneys.

Harry Binder, Founder

This is What We Do, This is All We Do. We Are the Rep for Vets.

Every day, veterans turn to the VA-accredited claims agents at The Rep for Vets for representation before VA regional offices or the Board of Veterans Appeals. We focus on getting the maximum VA benefits for vets and their eligible dependents. This is what we do, this is all we do.

Each person working at the Rep for Vets never forgets what veterans have sacrificed and wants to give something back in return. Our claims agents promise to serve veterans honorably — as honorably as veterans have served this country.

We represent military veterans nationwide. Because our claims agents use the latest technology, much of the work can be done online and over the phone, making getting benefits convenient, especially for people who may have trouble getting around. Of course, our claims agents are also available for a personal meeting whenever a veteran requests one.

There is no magic in what we do. Rather, we use our experience, knowledge and willingness to work hard to help our country’s veterans get the benefits they need and deserve.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Our experienced attorneys and VA-accredited claims agents fight harder than any advocates in the country to get veterans the benefits they deserve.

Christopher Loiacono

VA-Certified Claims Agent

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Meet Our Dedicated Staff

Our all-star staff come from military backgrounds and bring decades of experiencing working directly with veterans.

Dave Biggs

Intake Specialist

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Bruce Bradley

Intake Specialist

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