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A VA Tech Issue Caused 57,000 Disability Claims to Vanish. What Happened?

Veteran struggling with VA.gov website

Last month, tens of thousands of veterans received surprise letters from the VA informing them that a disability claim they made at some unspecified point in the past was not processed. The letter read in part, “The Department of Veterans Affairs is sending this letter in response to an issue identified which may have resulted in a failure to establish a claim based on your past submission through…VA.gov.” The vague wording of the letter left many veterans to speculate on what claim the letter referenced, if they had done something wrong, and, most importantly, how much disability compensation they might have missed...

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How Does VA Backpay Work? A Simple Guide

Veterans group leader discussing VA backpay

If you are a veteran who was injured or disabled while serving our country, you may be entitled to retroactive benefits. These benefits are paid in a lump sum and can be used to help you cover the costs of your medical treatment and daily living expenses. In this article, we will explain how VA backpay works and how you can receive the benefits you deserve. Backlog = Backpay In the simplest sense, backpay is the amount you receive in retroactive pay due to the VA's backlog. It's no secret that the VA takes a long time to process disability claims. At...

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