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About The Rep for Vets®

What Is The Rep for Vets®?

The Rep For Vets® is a group of professional Americans who are proud of the men and women who have kept us safe since the bitter days and nights of Valley Forge. Some of us are vets. Some of us are just Americans who are grateful for your service.

The Rep For Vets® is not a charity, a law firm or a non-profit organization. It is a national disability advocacy firm that employs claims agents who have been accredited by the Department of Veterans Affairs to represent veterans in their disability claims. We refuse to forget what you've given to us. And we want to give something back to you. Our claims agents promise to serve you as honorably as you have served your country.

Our claims agents focus on getting the best possible results for you, including the maximum VA benefits for you and your eligible dependents. Depending on your needs, you can turn to our VA-accredited claims agents for representation before a VA regional office or the Board of Veterans Appeals.

Proudly Representing Military Veterans Throughout the United States

Our VA-accredited claims agents represent military veterans nationwide, helping them get the veterans disability benefits they deserve. Because they use the latest technology, you may not even have to visit the office. Much of the work can be done on the computer and over the phone — making getting benefits convenient, especially for people who may have trouble getting around. Of course, if you want to see our claims agents in person, they are available to you.

If you are a disabled veteran, let our VA-accredited claims agents help you receive the benefits to which you are entitled. Call 888-573-7838 for a free initial consultation, or simply complete our online contact form. Our claims agents are always glad to talk to you about your veterans disability claim.

The Rep for Vets is not affiliated with or funded by the Department of Veterans Affairs.
The VA works for the government. The Rep for Vets works for you.
Thank you for your service!