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2023 VA Pay Increase Is Biggest in 30 Years

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2023 VA Pay Increase Is Biggest in 30 Years

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Veterans receiving VA disability compensation are set to see their monthly VA pay increase by 8.7% in 2023. To put that in dollars, for every $1,000 a veteran currently receives in benefits payments, they will see an additional $87 in 2023. The average veteran receiving disability compensation from the VA would see their monthly disability payments increase by around $136. Spouses and family members receiving survivor benefits will see the same increase in their monthly payments.


Here at the Rep for Vets, we have long felt that VA payments are not keeping up with the increasing cost of living. Before 2022, the annual cost of living adjustment had stalled at around 1.5% for the last decade. This year’s bump is the biggest since 1981, and should help veterans and their family members keep up with rising prices across the board, but it could have been even bigger. A drop in gas prices in response to the lifting of the federal gas tax played a role in shaving a percentage point off the final figure. It’s definitely an improvement from last year’s increase of 5.9%.

History of VA Cost of Living Adjustments since 2010

2023 8.7%
2022 5.9%
2021 1.3%
2020 1.6%
2019 2.8%
2018 2.0%
2017 0.3%
2016 0.0%
2015 1.7%
2014 1.5%
2013 1.7%
2012 3.6%
2011 0.0%
2010 0.0%


Veterans receiving disability payments through the VA will get the same cost of living increase in their benefits payouts that Social Security recipients get. That’s thanks to passage of the Veterans’ Compensation Cost-of-Living Adjustment Act of last year, a rare bipartisan success story.

The 2023 compensation bump is no doubt driven by high inflation (Inflation increased at 8.3% from August to August, according to the Consumer Price Index). But it’s more than just a rate adjustment tied to inflation. It represents a quality of life guarantee for veterans who served honorably and are now dealing with service-connected disabilities that make it hard to work and provide.

Calculating Your 2023 VA Disability Pay Rate

You can calculate your 2023 disability pay rate by multiplying your current rate by 8.7 percent (or 0.087) and then adding that amount to your 2022 rate. The table below reflects the 2023 pay increase for a veteran with no dependents.

VA 2023 Pay Chart

Combined VA Rating 2023 VA Disability Pay Rate 2022 VA Disability Pay Rate
10% $199 $153
20% $328 $302
30% $507 $467
40% $731 $673
50% $1,041 $958
60% $1,320 $1,214
70% $1,663 $1,530
80% $1,932 $1,778
90% $2,172 $1,998
100% $3,622 $3,332

If you have a 30% to 100% disability rating and you have dependents, including children and dependent parents, your compensation rate goes up. At the 70% disability rating and up, each additional child under 18 adds an additional $64 to $92 a month.

If your spouse is receiving Aid and Attendance to help out with the caretaking, they would receive an additional $119 to $170 a month as well. It’s important to let the VA know of any changes to your marital status or dependents. If a child turns 18 and moves out of of the home this could impact the amount of benefits you receive.

See the Veterans Disability Compensation Rates page at VA.gov for the latest posted rates.

Need a little more help understanding VA Math and calculating your disability rating? See our article on how to calculate your VA disability rating. Need assistance with a VA claim? Give us a call at (888) 573-7838 today or fill out a quick online form letting us know how we can help.


2023 VA Disability Calculator

$ 3621
  • 100% disability rating
  • Add dependents to increase $
  • No VA Math!

How to Increase VA Disability

Any increase that helps improve the quality of life of the veterans who honorably served our great country is good news in our book. At the Rep for Vets we ensure that veterans are being fairly and accurately compensated by the VA for their disabling conditions.

Is your veterans disability compensation payment too small? Were you denied benefits that you deserve? Many veterans don’t realize that they can appeal decisions for higher ratings. When they are awarded low service-connected rating percentages, they just accept them. But you don’t have to.

Appealing a claim can help you change several different kinds of unsatisfactory VA decisions:

  • Appeal a denied claim for service connection disabilities
  • Appeal for a higher disability rating based on changes in your situation
  • Appeal for an earlier effective date (more backpay)
  • Claims for clear and unmistakable error
  • Claims for individual unemployability if your service-connected disability prevents you from working altogether
  • Section 1151 claims for vets who have suffered additional disability because of VA hospital error

How to Appeal a VA Disability Claim

If you’re thinking about appealing, act quickly. There are key deadlines that must be met in order to successfully file an appeal. We can walk you through the process. This is what we do, this is all we do. We are the Rep for Vets. Our VA claims experts and attorneys have decades of experience representing veterans at the Board of Veterans’ Appeals. And we never give up. For a free consultation, call (888) 573-7838 today, or take a moment to fill out a quick online form. We look forward to learning about your service and your unique situation.

Photo above: U.S. Army Sgt. 1st Class Charles Armstead, Warrior Transition Battalion, Fort Sam Houston, Texas, a member of the Army team, throws a discus during practice at Fort Carson, Colo., for the 2014 Warrior Games © U.S. Army by Spc. Cameron Leto/Released

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