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VA Disability benefits and your Mental Health

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VA Disability benefits and your Mental Health

VA Disability Benefits

Just like with physical conditions and ailments, you may be entitled to disability benefits for a mental health condition that developed before, during, or after your time in service. The rating scale for these conditions goes all the way up to 100% based on the severity of the condition. Learning more about this area will help you understand the disability benefits you may be entitled to, and also introduce you to mental health care resources that are available to Veterans.  At Rep for Vets, we have helped thousands of Veterans secure VA disability benefits for their mental health impairments. Down below, you can listen to a video message from one of them directly. 

Can I get service connected for a mental health condition if I don’t have PTSD?

While PTSD is the most talked about mental health diagnosis amongst the veteran community, many other common conditions are recognized. These include anxiety disorders, mood disorders, psychotic disorders and trauma/stress related disorders among others. When you attend your C+P exam in connection with your claim, the VA examiner will use criteria from the diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders, fifth edition (DSM-5) to determine whether there is a diagnosis.

Can I be rated for more than one mental health condition?

While you may have more than one mental health condition that is related to service, you can only receive one rating for the combined symptoms and limitations stemming from them. 

What if I had a mental health diagnosis prior to service?

In this case, you may still be eligible for benefits. When there is a pre-existing diagnosis, then it must be established that the condition was aggravated or worsened as a result of your time in service. 

Is it true the VA will take my guns away if I treat and/or get service connected for a mental health condition?

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I don’t treat for my mental health because I’m not comfortable talking about it.  What should I do?This is not uncommonThere are countless research studies documenting the alarming rate of people in America (veterans and civilians) that have a mental illness but don’t receive any mental health services. We encourage veterans to learn about the resources and support the VA provides.

These options can help you confront and manage your mental health challenges. Also, by actively treating, you’re creating medical records which could be used in support of a potential disability claim in the future.

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